British men style Fradi

The brand Fradi focuses on British man, focusing on shades of gray and brown, but also daring in warm colors like bordeaux.

He chooses comfortable materials such as wool and offers timeless elegance, overlapping the age rock. His is a young man who is always up to date on the latest trends, but also a more mature man, aware of his time, who does not want to give up the style and elegance that gives him presence and sensuality.

The interweaving of the precious materials used are never abundant and bulky, but they have been carefully thought of a dress that man dressed in a dry and comfortable way, giving that sober touch to important materials on which to create their outfits.

Fradi for the winter 17/18 wants a man who can not even be the only man in gray and black, who can dare in colors and shades, who is master of his style!

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