Summer collection 2017 Fradi: the right jacket for every occasion

How to be informal but elegant? Just choose the right jacket!

The chief symbol of classic elegance, essential in the wardrobe of the businessman and not to forget during social events or ceremonies, has now become one of the most versatile menswear garments, able to solve any doubt in style as the occasion. The same jacket can be used in different outfits depending on how it is coupled. Worn with the shirt or a t-shirt, with matching trousers or combined with jeans, a jacket is good to all, as long as you are careful to matching.

Never out of style and perfect for occasions that require a simple elegance, the men's jacket is fit to outfit everyday and is among the most versatile outerwear and easy to wear.

In his new collection Spring Summer 2017, Fradi offers a wide selection of jackets perfect for the warm season, from casual cut and the casual and cool style, suitable for any outfit and any occasion. Heads of absolute trend, original, ideal for those who love a refined style, the Fradi jackets are made using the finest fabrics, carefully selected. A plain or characterized by geometric patterns, each model created by Fradi possesses a unique style and original, thanks to the careful attention to every detail. Look here all Fradi proposals.

The right combination jacket and pants

You look a sporty and dynamic style or to simply point and elegance, matching jacket and trousers different between them is a way to get more out of their wardrobe. But how to choose the right combination? Paying attention to the exact mix of colors but also the right combination of fabrics.
In particular, because a broken functions must always think in terms of contrast, as regards both the fabric and the color. But eye to match the jacket and trousers of the same weight fabric for a more balanced look.