The men's symbol: the pants in the collection PE 2017 Fradi

Symbol of the male wardrobe, the pants are anything but a trivial choice when it comes to style.

sign of style and personality, they distinguish different models in every fashion collection, to satisfy the most varied tastes. Some people turned up leads them outside, who Baggy, who cigarette and who short ankle, those who prefer solid colors and classic colors and who dares with bright colors and original patterns. Even if they have a long history, the first modern pants back to the middle of the nineteenth century. Since then we have been made only changes of detail, such as width, tissue diversity, flaring, adding flaps and other variations that can be found in the history of men's fashion and women apparel.

The Spring Summer 2017 Fradi proposes pants with slim lines, light colors ranging from sand to rope, strict colors such as blue or white, that does not betray the unmistakable Mediterranean inspiration of the whole collection. Fresh and minimalist design, come in solid colors or with geometric designs, made with fabrics: in windowed stretch, Vichy stretch, in Wales mouline 'stretch, micro houndstooth stretch ...

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For every season the right model of pants. And in the summer? Bermuda

Always fashionable, fresh, colorful, practical, Bermuda shorts are a male boss who does not give up in the hottest period of the year, better if worn on a beautiful tanned skin. practicality synonymous, but without losing the style view, they are versatile, perfect for leisure and outdoor activities. Even in this case, as for the long pants, there are several variants, to satisfy the most diverse tastes and looks. Fradi offers its online bermuda with the style of the new collection PE 2017, leaders sought ideal for leisure.